Lung cancer is the most deadly form of cancer in both men and women

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, CAMBRIDGE, MA, February 9, 9:23 AM: Lung cancer is the most deadly form of cancer in both men and women, mainly because there has been no effective way to screen those who are at risk and many people are at risk because they smoke or have smoked in the past. This is changing thanks to a new screening tool now being offered at Mount Auburn Hospital, a major WorldPath Health affiliate.
Low-dose CT scanning, is a safe and effective way to detect lung tumors at their earliest, most treatable stage. The exposure to radiation is much lower than a regular CT scan. The low-dose scan allows for the detection of small cancerous nodules. If an abnormality is found, a comprehensive program can provide the necessary treatment, which hopefully means a cure.
The results of a ten-year study has provided clear evidence that screening current or former heavy smokers annually cuts lung cancer death by 20 percent. U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended that individuals at high risk for lung cancer be screened annually using this method. Low-dose CT lung screening is an easy test to take. It takes less than one minute and does not require admission to the hospital.
“Our goal is to detect smaller cancers,” says Leila Khorashadi, MD, who directs cardiothoracic radiology at Mount Auburn “At that stage of cancer, we can offer many patients a surgical cure or, on occasion, radiofrequency ablation. The important thing is that we can offer many patients a cure.”
“We are excited to offer Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening to our patients,” said Guy Rochman, MD, CEO of WorldPath Health. “It is our hope that access to this important new screening test, will be life saving and life re-defining for many of our patients who are smokers, former smokers, and those who have had exposure to severe air pollution. We will now be able to discover lung cancers early enough that we can cure them.”

Dr. Rochman/Mr. Sid Event

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Dr. Rochman, Boston’s most eminent plastic surgeon, is teaming up with Mr. Sid for the “Looking good” event of the spring. For those of you unware, Mr. Sids is one of the most established locations for male fashion and design, and has been for the past four decades. On May 12, guests are invited to learn about the latest styles, Epionce skin creams, and cosmetic procedures, including the Syneron-Candela laser. They’ll also have an opportunity to receive advice from Dr. Rochman personally.
The event has an exclusive guest list and will also feature well-known fashion and lifestyle brands like Randolph Sunglasses, Equinox Gym, and Chivalry, a sleek new take on high-end barbers! Guests will be able to try the new plastic surgeon-recommended creams, and learn about the latest non-invasive laser procedures – just in time for the summer season! The right procedure can give you the confidence to gain the competitive edge at work and added enjoyment in life, and Syneron procedures are done in-office. The procedures are done by Dr. Rochman and his specialty certified, licensed registered nurses.
All men and women will be invited to enter our bathing suit contest to show off their best assets. And anyone who makes an appointment with Dr. Rochman wearing Randolph sunglasses, or has a membership card from Equinox, will automatically get $100 off the consultation or procedure of their choice, and a complimentary Epionce sun-protection formula!
Dr. Rochman and Epionce will also be introducing his new line of products, formulated exclusively to make men look and feel younger.