Aug 17, 2014
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The International Age—Anti-Aging Answers for Every Ethnicity

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The association of youth and beauty is universally accepted in society. The desire for beautiful skin color and texture, absence of wrinkles, lustrous hair has fueled huge growth in the cosmetic and surgical industries. Women who possess a youthful appearance are consistently rated more attractive than older appearing women. Studies on skin texture and color have demonstrated that humans have a preference for younger appearing skin that is viewed as both healthier and more attractive.

In the current cauldron of political correctness, it may seem impolitic to say, but facial wrinkles, spots, saggy skin and aging faces discriminate based on skin color. White, Black, Latino, Middle Eastern, Asian are all different skin types, which  develop lines, laxity and loss of volume  in different ways and at different rates.  Indeed, the aging process transcends politics and national borders.  It’s how we battle back that makes the difference.

Aging is a complex process that reflects biological, environmental and genetic influences. Deeper pigmented, darker skin has characteristics that make its aging process unique.  The thicker and more compact dermis  makes facial lines less noticeable.   Increased  concentration of the pigment melanin  also make the skin more vulnerable to pigment changes and scaring.  It is critical to understand the unique structural and functional differences among ethnicities, and to have the appropriate modalities for various skin types, both of which are essential to treat the signs of again. Over the past 20 years we have specialized in rejuvenation of the aging face, and the unique requirements of patients from around the globe

**Here is the simple truth about White skin; the Irish, English, Scandinavian “peaches” complexion is going show more signs of aging.  Blame the sun, and the fact that light skin has very little pigment, or melanin, to protect against it.  UV rays from the sun break down collagen, and cause wrinkles that start as early as your 20’s.  Your skin produces pigment to protect itself.  Along with that come the dark spots.

And the skin cancers.  I have seen many young people in there 20’s with their first skin cancer.

The good news for this skin type is that we can be more aggressive with laser and other anti-aging treatments, since light skin does not absorb as much laser energy and we don’t have to worry about hyperpigmentation,

The essentials for your skin type;

  • Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock.  At least SPF 30 or greater, every day, re-applied every 3 hours or so.
  • Good anti-aging skin care regimen. We have designed an anti-aging and anti-pigment protocol unique to this skin type. There are others, but there is also a lot of junk.   Make sure you are investing in quality.
  • Quit smoking. It is the fast track to wrinkles, and worse.


**“Black is beautiful” has never been more true than when talking about aging skin types. You can smile and laugh and squint all you want because you wont even begin to see wrinkles until your 50”s.  The increased melanin, which gives the skin its deep pigment, along with thicker dermis and prolonged keratinocyte life, protects it against wrinkles, often for many decades.

Increased pigment, however does lead to uneven skin tone.  The pigment cells are larger and can react dramatically to minimal irrigation with dramatic color irregularities and scaring   Volume loss is also a telltale sign of aging in people with this skin type

Things to think about include topical skin care regimens, which include bleaching and fading creams, and fillers for volume replacement.


** Middle Eastern Skin types are blessed with extra pigment in the skin, so that lines don’t show up until well into your 40’s 50’s or even later.  I have seen many women with this skin type who never develop permanent wrinkles

But when in comes to skin, no one gets a free ride.  Folks with Middle Eastern skin have also been exposed to Middle Eastern sun…. This skin type has a good chance of developing dark blotches from enhanced sun exposure, dryness, irritation, and hormonal changes.  UV exposure also leads to breakdown of collagen and volume loss at an earlier age.

There are many new modalities now available to treat this skin type.  I use the E-matrix Sublative Laser, designed specifically to treat this skin type. It is important to maintain the skin tone with regular light/laser based peels to continue to correct and improve dark spotty skin.  We also create a personally designed skin care program of products to treat pigmentary changes and keep acne under control. I recommend a multi-tiered approach to early volume replacement and maintenance with products determined by specific location.  And of course, don’t forget the sunblock.


**The Asian paradigm for beautiful skin is pale and silky.  And while many Asian women want lighter, radiant and luminous skin, this skin type is actually thicker; with more pigment producing cells that fair skin.  Asian skin is prone to prominent dark spots, very uneven skin tone especially around the cheeks and forehead, melasma that makes the skin look dusty and dull.  This skin type is also prone to raised round keratoses that may require early surgical intervention. Because of the facial contour, volume loss is common.  I recommend appropriate custom designed skin care regimen, control of acne, Syneron EPL and RF based therapy, specifically programed to Asian skin, and volume replacement when it becomes necessary

Pigments in Latina skin can be as varied as the cultures. There are light skinned Latinas who age more like Caucasians, and very dark pigmented Latinas whose skin ages like black skin.  The universal complaint is discoloration of the cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead.  According to one survey up to 66% of women will develop some form of melasma during pregnancy.  Sunscreens are important, but melasma is not just from UV radiation so it is important to use a sunblock that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Home remedies to correct pigment changes are often used, and generally a bad idea.  Lime and lemon based treatments can cause a toxic reaction when applied to sun exposed skin, and lead to severe hyperpigmentation.   Cocoa Butter is very thick and occludes the pores, leading to acne and further scarring and pigmentation.  Plus, they don’t work to lighten the skin

Across all skin types, across all continents and cultures, the aging process includes photo damage, volume redistribution, and loss of connective tissue and wrinkling of the skin. As life expectancy continues to increase, almost doubling over the past century, and as youthful appearance has become more pivotal to personal success and wellbeing, appearance continues to become of increasing concern.  Our global cultures are now intermixed.  Society has become more heterogeneous.   Ethnic differences are clearly evident every day, in every culture.  Dark Skinned individuals have firmer smoother skin than those with lighter skin of the same age, however aging does occur in all cultures with regard to pigment, wrinkles, volume loss and laxity

When seeking plastic surgical rejuvenation of the aging face our patients know we have been caring for the international community for over two decades, and offer a comprehensive knowledge of the functional principles of ethnic and aging skin, and can property care for aging skin of all populations.



Guy M  Rochman MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconesss Hospital Milton

CEO, WorldPath Health

Mommy Makeover Step aside. Its time for the Ultra Shape “Dad Bod”


Dad Bod is a phenomenon fueled by the fact that society is starting to find the normal physique sexy. We are a more health, appearance and fashion conscious society. We live in a more competitive work and social environment.  Men’s fashion has become more tapered and revealing. For these reasons and a host of others, the Dad Bod phenomenon has taken hold. An equally important factoid—Ladies like dad bods. (Thank you Leonardo DiCaprio)

Conventional wisdom, and Madison Avenue advertising agencies might suggest that the Abercrombie and Fitch half naked men with rock hard bodies and cut off jean shorts are iconic. Perhaps it dates back to primordial times, when women needed brutes to slaughter beasts and fight off the warring tribes, or perhaps plow the fields and protect the house. But today, while women still need and want men, it may not be the macho one with the thick biceps who spends all day and the gym searching for his masculine ego. A dad bod means a guy who has career and responsibilities, loves kids, and has enough money to look after himself (and order the extra guacamole and dessert) and has a soft tummy to lay on after a long work day.

The phenomenon of the Dad Bod has a lot to do with many men being more in touch with their appearance than ever before. It also means confidence. The Dad Bod is for the male human over the age of 30 whose testosterone levels no longer burn with irrational desire. Dad Bods don’t want excess belly fat. They don’t want a “beer belly” but they don’t expect or want “6 pack abs” either. They want to look and feel better about themselves and fit and feel better and more comfortable in (and out of) clothes

Enter Ultra Shape- the newest generation of non-invasive body sculpting -which is perfect for men. Speaking as one, men are often less tolerant of discomfort from aesthetic procedures, and want quick procedures that have no down time, quick recovery and quick results that get rid of excess belly fat. Men are learning from word of mouth, media and significant others that this non-invasive, no pain, no downtime option is exactly what the doctor ordered!

We are born with a finite amount of fat cells, which do not increase in number after adolescence. Ultra Shape ultrasonic body contouring, targets and destroys fat cells in a painless, totally non- invasive fashion, requiring as few as three brief office procedures. Patients return immediately to work, play and exercise with absolutely no down time. It is literally a lunch hour procedure, and since fat cells do not regenerate the results are permanent. We have seen Dad Bods loose 4 inches on their waist – that’s 2 suit sizes. And we have used it with great success across the Dad Bod spectrum (love handles, muffin top, man boobs).

Dad Bod is a balance between going to the gym and also having a pizza from time to time. It is confident and unpretentiousness.  And in six weeks, she wont be able to keep her hands off your Dad Bod.

Guy Rochman MD receives The Outstanding Patient Experience Award for 2016

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HealthGrades, a US company that provides information about over 3 million health care providers recently announced the recipients of the 2016 HeathGrade Quality Awards,

Guy Rochman MD received The Outstanding Patient Experience Award for 2016.   Dr. Rochman also received the Outstanding Patient Experience Award in  2014 and 2015 making this the third year in a row that he has been recognized for Quality and Excellence by the prestigious comprehensive  physician rating organization.

Harper’s Bazaar Talks Ultrashape


Harper’s Bazaar goes into detail about the health benefits and beauty components from Ultrashape. Ultrashape’s lasers are programmed to get rid of hard-to-fix places and allows patients to feel beautiful without invasive procedures. At Dr. Rochman’s practice, Ultrashape is a crowd favorite, and Dr. Rochman, along with his trained staff are experts at using Syneron’s machines. Read more about Ultrashape with Harper’s Bazaar input.

Prominent Miami Doctor Talks Velashape

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Dr. Martin N. Zaiac from the Dermatology – General, Cosmetic and Pediatric Department of the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center is also a fan of Velashape. Watch the video to learn about his input on one of Dr. Rochman’s most sought after procedures. Velashape is a growing technique in the world of cosmetic surgery, and Dr. Rochman is more than qualified to help you learn if the procedure is right for you, and to perform it perfectly.

WorldPath Health, Inc today announced the appointment of CEO Guy M. Rochman, M.D. as Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School.

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WorldPath Health, Inc today announced the appointment of CEO Guy M. Rochman, M.D. as Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School. He will continue to serve as CEO of WorldPath Health, Inc.
Dr. Rochman is founder of WorldPath Health, Inc., a leader in international health care, and has served as CEO since its founding.  Established in 2001, WorldPath Health, Inc. provides complete and coordinated access to the highest quality healthcare to private patients, and their families from around the world through a comprehensive network of the highest rated hospitals and physicians in The United States, Great Britain, and elsewhere, covering virtually every aspect of medicine.
A graduate of Harvard College (B.A.) and Boston university (M.D.), Dr. Rochman completed Fellowship Training at Johns Hopkins University. He maintains an active practice of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Cambridge and Milton, MA.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, CAMBRIDGE, MA, December 29, 2014: WorldPath Health and The MOUNT AUBURN HOSPITAL today announce the dedication and naming of THE BASIL AND FARIDA EL-BAZ CENTER FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND DEVIC’S DISEASE which took place on Monday, January 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM at 330 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.
Basil El-Baz, through his generosity, establishes the Center with a gift of $1,000,000. Funds from Mr. EI-Baz’s generous gift will be placed into the Basil and Farida El-Baz Fund for Multiple Sclerosis and Devic’s Disease, a restricted fund to support the Center’s ongoing work.
The Center, under the direction of Linda Buchwald, MD, Chief of the Division of Neurology, will support and enhance the work of the hospital’s nationally-recognized Multiple Sclerosis clinical program. The Center includes offices for physicians specializing in MS, Devic’s Disease and related neurological disorders, private patient examination rooms, treatment areas, offices and work areas for nurses and support staff, and a conference room.
WorldPath Health, Inc. is a premier provider of international health care throughout the world. It is based in Cambridge, MA with offices in New York and London.
Basil El-Baz is an Egyptian Industrialist, entrepreneur, business executive, and philanthropist. A Harvard graduate, Mr. El-Baz is Chairman and C.E.O. of Carbon Holdings. He has served as a member of the US-Egyptian Business Council since 2009 and is Chairman of The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.
MOUNT AUBURN HOSPITAL is a nationally recognized center distinguished by its interdisciplinary center for patients with Multiple Sclerosis and Devic’s Disease.


Guy Rochman, MD, Founder and CEO of WorldPath Health has been invited to Shanghai, China to expand operations

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WorldPath Clinic International, Shanghai, China

WorldPath Clinic International, Shanghai, China

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, CAMBRIDGE, MA, September 15, 2015, 9:45 AM – Guy Rochman, MD, Founder and CEO of WorldPath Health has been invited to Shanghai, China to expand operations there. Dr. Rochman and members of the WorldPath team will travel to Shanghai to pursue expansion of WorldPath operations in China and surrounding areas.
“We are proud of the great strides that The WorldPath Clinic International in Shanghai has made over the past few years,  and we are very pleased with the impact that WorldPath name  has been able to make in China as an engram for international healthcare excellence,” said Rochman. “As we plan our trip to Shanghai for later this year, I look forward to seeing my old friends there and making new ones as well. I am grateful of Dr. Dacai Xie with whom I have worked for over 14 years for his cordial invitation and his years of ongoing support and friendship.”
In affiliation with the WorldPath Clinic, Dr. Rochman was one of the first US Plastic Surgeons licensed to practice in Shanghai. Dr. Rochman led the WorldPath Health team traveling to China and was closely involved in the formation of The WorldPath Clinic International in Shanghai China, which has become an extremely successful international healthcare center bearing the WorldPath name.

Guy M Rochman, MD, Cambridge based Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and founder and CEO of WorldPath Health is the first physician in Boston to offer the UltraShape™

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, CAMBRIDGE, MA, August 13, 2015, 9:45 AM – Guy M Rochman, MD, Cambridge based Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and founder and CEO of WorldPath Health is the first physician in Boston to offer the UltraShape™, a breakthrough treatment recently FDA cleared for Fat Cell Destruction. WorldPath Health is pleased to offer UltraShape Technology to  both domestic and international clientele.
The UltraShape System is the first and only non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound to immediately and comfortably destroy fat cells, resulting in measurable outcomes in as little as two weeks. The UltraShape device works by emitting waves of focused, pulsed ultrasonic energy that converge at a closely confined area. It precisely targets areas where patients want to reduce stubborn fat while keeping surrounding tissue, nerves, and muscles intact and undamaged. Fat cells are destroyed and eliminated by the body’s natural processes as soon as two weeks after treatment resulting in very visible and immediate reduction.
“We are very excited about offering UltraShape to our patients.” says Dr. Rochman, of Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. “UltraShape’s patented technology allows us to delivery ultrasound energy with extraordinary precision. We can target and destroy unwanted fat cells immediately. UltraShape delivers energy in pulses, unlike the continuous delivery method of traditional ultrasound technology, which is often painful. The result is a quick, safe and comfortable treatment experience without the discomfort, lumps, bumps or soreness associated with other non-invasive fat reduction treatments. “Treatments take less than an hour and patients can go right back to their normal activities without any disruption. Nothing works faster than UltraShape,” Dr Rochman adds.
The UltraShape is a very versatile device that is effective for the reduction of fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. In one of the largest clinical studies ever performed in the area of non-invasive aesthetics, ninety four percent of patients saw a measurable circumferential reduction using the UltraShape device and 90 percent of patients were satisfied with their treatment outcomes. UltraShape is FDA cleared for fat cell destruction and is used to improve body shape and contour. It has been used in over 300,000 procedures worldwide, with an excellent safety and efficacy profile.
For further information about UltraShape contact WorldPath Medicine  offices at 1- 617-450-001.


This fall, Mount Auburn Hospital, a major WorldPath Heath affiliate institution, completed construction of a redesigned and expanded center for the treatment of cancer and blood disorders

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This fall, Mount Auburn Hospital, a major WorldPath Heath affiliate institution, completed construction of a redesigned and expanded center for the treatment of cancer and blood disorders. The Hematology/Oncology Department has long been one of the hospital’s cornerstones of excellence and compassionate care. Pioneered under the guidance of Mortimer Greenberg, MD in the 1960’s and later expanded under the leadership of Roger Lange, MD, over the years, thousands of patients have been expertly cared for and compassionately treated by an extraordinary team of physicians, nurses, technicians and staff. As the treatment modalities for cancer rapidly expand, Mount Auburn Hospital – in partnership with leadership in oncology – developed a plan to further support the special level of care that physicians and nurses provide to patients and their families and to enhance the healing environment.
“Our goal is to provide an expanded array of treatment options, personalized to each patient, and to deliver them in an environment that supports our patients’ wellbeing,” says Lisa Weismann, MD, Chief of Hematology/ Oncology. The new center features an attractive, light-filled reception area and solarium overlooking the river designed to create a welcoming area of comfort and greenery for patients and their families. In addition, a Patient Wellness Center was created to provide essential resources for patients and their families such as mind-body medicine, workshops and support groups, integrative therapies, nutrition counseling and education. The new design also provided the opportunity to enhance patient-centered care by reorganizing the working space to improve communication and teamwork, as well as extend technology and services.
Mount Auburn Hospital is a major affiliate of WorldPath Health and this newly renovated Cancer Care and Hematology Center ensures that WorldPath clients can benefit from the most advanced and innovative care.